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Oil radiator "Zencha"

Leader of sales

Zencha oil cooler 1.0 kW is designed for heating air in rooms up to 10 square meters. m. Due to the peculiarity of not heating above 110 degrees and the lack of open interaction with the heating element, a pleasant microclimate is maintained in the room, and the air does not “burn out”. The heating time after switching on is 10-15 minutes. A mechanical adjustable thermostat allows you to set and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Zencha 1.0 kW oil cooler is ideal for use in both residential and non-residential premises due to its compact size (especially relevant for heating loggias and balconies), laconic design, simplicity, safety and reliability of use.

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Does not burn oxygen
Maximum heat dissipation
Safe design

Technical details

Heating area (main), sq.m.
Heating area (additional), sq.m.
Rated voltage
Power consumption kW
Degree of protection against moisture and particulate matter
IP 20
Net weight, not more than, kg
Overall dimensions in packing, LxWxH, mm
Gross weight, kg
Overall dimensions in packing, LxWxH
Rated current frequency, Hz
vendor code

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