Dry storage Cabinet B420-1250-1N (nitrogen)

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Dry storage cabinet, designed to store printed circuit boards, SMD components, moisture-sensitive, and other objects. It allows you to constantly maintain a given level of humidity for high-quality drying of the contents within 24 hours. Drying is carried out by an automatic control system.

The device allows you to maintain a relative humidity level of 1-50% RH. This parameter is controlled from the control panel, and control can be carried out remotely, focusing on the alarm system. The digital display on the control panel displays data on humidity and temperature in the working volume of the cabinet.

The device is compatible with specialized software - its installation will allow you to combine the controller of the dry storage cabinet with other devices (including a PC) and make the setup process more visual.

At the same time, the product protects the contents from external influences in full compliance with international standards - it is assigned a protection class of IP 55.

Price from 230 000 rub.

ZENCHA-Pskov JSC is ready to consider the possibility of manufacturing any metal products, plastic products, products for electrical purposes according to the design documentation of the customer.

Technical parameters

Humidity level
1-50 % RH
Volume, l
The number of shelves, pcs.
Number of supports or wheels, pcs.
± 3.0 % RH
Voltage, V / Hz
230 / 50
Grey (RAL 7035)
Cabinet material
Cold-rolled steel coated with anti-static paint
Protection class
Availability of warning systems (light and sound)
Exceeding the set humidity level
Required nitrogen pressure, Bar.
Overall dimensions of the Cabinet body (WxDxH), mm ±20 mm (with wheels)
Overall dimensions of the Cabinet body (WxDxH), mm ±20 mm (without wheels)
Height of adjustable supports, mm
from 16 to 25
The height of the wheel supports, mm

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