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Connecting conveyor two-segment B010-2S-1000

Price from 183 000 ₽

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The connecting conveyor is used as a buffer module in production lines and is used to transfer printed circuit boards from one device, which is part of the surface mounting production line, to another.

The conveyor consists of a housing on which a table with transport cheeks and the necessary sensors is installed. The width of the conveyor is set by the operator and set using a mechanical drive.

The speed of moving the boards along the conveyor is set at the manufacturer by prior agreement with the customer.

The boards are moved using the SMEMA signal interface. The connecting conveyor is equipped with an advanced programmable microcontroller. Advanced software automatically recognizes a variety of emergency situations, including manual removal of the Board from the conveyor and placing the Board on the conveyor. This feature allows you to remove boards for monitoring, etc. without violating the logic of the line operation or stopping it.

Price from 183 000 rubles.

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Program 1

Program 2

Technical characteristics

Length, mm
Width, mm
970 (910 excluding the width adjustment knob)
The transportation of boards, mm
955 +/- 25
Buffering zone length, mm
Number of segments
Working edge for fixing the Board, mm
Board length, mm
70 - 470
Width of boards, mm
Board thickness, mm
0.8 - 6
Board weight, maximum, kg
The maximum allowable deformation of the Board, %
Availability of the SMEMA interface
Power supply
220 V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption, no more than, W

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