ZENCHA-Pskov vizited and congratulated the KMZ plant on its 70th anniversary


On February 17, 2020, Karacharovsky mechanical plant (KMZ) celebrated its 70th Anniversary. The company is exactly 1 year younger than the domestic Elevator industry and is rightfully the founder of Elevator construction in our country.

For several years, the Pskov factory ZENCHA-Pskov JSC has been one of the contractors and performers of orders for the production of Elevator components for KMZ. Our employees, as representatives of production, were invited to the KMZ, where they took part in the festive event.

In honor of the 70th anniversary, KMZ has released a new Elevator. And it is not to be confused with any other. The innovation of the Elevator is an exclusive finish, as well as variable transparency of the panels. When you click the button, it becomes dark and opaque. Soon the semi-transparent elevators will be put into operation!

Currently, about 60 thousand KMZ elevators are operated in Moscow and more than 200 thousand throughout Russia, with a market share of 20%. Every month, more than 500 new elevators leave the workshops.

However, in 2020, as part of the program of renovation and capital repairs of real estate, an increased demand for the manufacture of Elevator cabins is expected. And the plant is already ready for this. Updated equipment and increased production capacity will increase the production volume of elevators by 3 times.

We are also preparing to increase the supply of components and debug internal processes to speed up the delivery of orders to the KMZ plant

The factory  ZENCHA-Pskov JSC is confidently going forward, developing in the Elevator construction industry.

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