Electrotechnical factory ZENCHA-Pskov JSC

The ZENCHA-Pskov electrotechnical factory produces 0.4-35 kV electrical equipment (CTS, BCTS, CSR, KRU, NKU), low-voltage equipment, Elevator equipment, SMT equipment and consumer goods. We have our own technical Department and testing base. We are ready to consider the possibility of manufacturing any metal product, plastic products, electrical products according to the customer's design documentation.

Tool shop

The tool section of the enterprise is used for manufacturing equipment and accessories for the needs of the main production.

Harvesting shop

Provides all other sections of the shop with blanks according to the orders of the planning and distribution office of the tool shop.
Procurement, accounting and storage of materials that uses the main production, as well as the issuance of workpieces in the form that requires the manufacturing technology of a particular part.

Welding shop

The welding shop of the plant is equipped with contact welding machines. The plant also has welding stations where welding operations are performed on semi-automatic installations in the environment of protective gases.

About company

ZENCHA-Pskov factory is a steadily developing enterprise in the Pskov Region, with more than 200 experienced employees. The company produces a line of household electrical appliances for the home and summer house (electric radiators, electric convectors, infrared heaters, electric stoves, electric water heaters and tanks, wash basins, country showers, composters and garden barriers), as well as electrical products (low-voltage equipment, complete transformer substations, low-voltage complete devices).

Electrotechnical factory ZENCHA-Pskov JSC is ready to consider the possibility of manufacturing any metal products, plastic products, products for electrical purposes according to the design documentation of the customer.

1960 - 1970

The factory was organized on November 1, 1960 on the basis of the Pskov City Industrial Complex

1970 - 1980

The total output of goods increased by 4.6 times. The factory delivers products to 24 countries.

1980 - 1990

The factory was awarded the sign "Drummer of the 11th five-year plan"

2010 - 2020

ZENCHA-Pskov Electrotechnical Factory Joint-Stock Company was established in February 2016. In 2018, the company launched the production of elevator equipment, a new type of product for itself.

ZENCHA-Pskov in numbers

The factory operates in 4 areas of activity, supplying products to more than 100 cities in Russia and the CIS. Renovation of production facilities is 85% complete. The company employs highly qualified employees.

Square meters - the area of our production
Employees work at the factory
Equipment counts easel fleet