Plastic casting shop

The casting area, one of the largest in the production, allows you to produce plastic (polymer) products of various configurations by injection molding.

The plant is equipped with 17 casting machines that have different characteristics.

5 modern machines were specially purchased for the production of high-precision parts in a separate foundry area. For the preparation of raw materials, the site was equipped with a drying unit, which prevents moisture from entering the material during operation.

The site is represented by foundry machines manufactured by LG and CUN, which are currently widely used in the foundry of plastics in Russia.


Recycling of plastic waste
Drying for raw material preparation
Manufacturing of high-precision parts

Invite to cooperation

JSC "Electrotechnical plant" Sencha-Pskov " is ready to consider the possibility of manufacturing any metal product, plastic products, electrical products according to the customer's design documentation.