Stamping shop

The shop has a number of mechanical crank processes in the amount of 41 units. The force of the presses is in the range of 100 to 1000 kN. The presses are used for manufacturing cases of electrical appliances and various equipment.

Also in the shop there is a double-acting mechanical press with a force of 1500 kN. In addition, the company is equipped with two multi-slide automatic presses (model MAG-25 and MAG-5), which produce parts for various types of relays and switches. A hydraulic press of the DG-2132A model with a force of 2000 kN is used to extract the housings.

The shop is equipped with machines that allow you to cut profile rolled metal - two band saws with a roller feed of rolled metal.


More than 40 crank presses
2 multi-slide automatic presses
Double-acting mechanical press

Invite to cooperation

JSC "Electrotechnical plant" Sencha-Pskov " is ready to consider the possibility of manufacturing any metal product, plastic products, electrical products according to the customer's design documentation.