Factory History


Our factory, formerly called "Metalworking" (according to the profile of products), was organized on November 1, 1960 on the basis of the Pskov GORPROMKOMBINAT, by decision of the Regional Executive Committee on October 20, 1960. The output of marketable products is 108,000 rubles. The first year they produced: in the nailing workshop - wire nails, in the room of the oxygen section - oxygen, a photo-workshop workshop was also organized, where they made cases for cameras. The first director of the plant is Royzen Klavdia Mikhailovna. Number of employees: 132 people.


The management aimed to make the plant the base enterprise for providing repair work to all enterprises in the region.


Induction furnaces began to be produced in the new building of the plant. In the premises of the plant management began assembling devices PVD-3, TSh-20, TSh-30. The development of electric soldering irons, which were produced by the Leningrad Sevkabel Plant, began. Over a month, 3,000 pieces were manufactured. Number of employees: 316 people.


Transformers and hardening machines were mastered, a galvanic section was organized. The number of the plant is 457 people.


The trademark of the plant was created, Workshop 1 was put into operation. The ABI-40/220 VP product was launched. They laid the foundation of the first house on the street. Lepeshinsky. The assembly of PUN-1, PVN-20, the assembly of PVD-3 in Workshop 1. Gross output - 3,440,000 rubles. Number of employees: 540 people.

1970 - 1980

The total output of consumer goods over 10 years increased by 4.6 times. The plant delivers products to 24 countries. The Kharkov Institute “Ukrgiproenergoprom” began designing new production facilities for the relay manufacturing plant. Plant number: 860 people.


The plant was awarded the sign “Drummer of the 11th Five-Year Plan”.


The 25th anniversary of the plant was celebrated, a solemn meeting was held. Commemorative commemorative badge is made. Certified on the "Quality Mark" relay RTD. Advanced technological processes have been mastered: diffusion chromium plating, brilliant nickel plating, pressing of thermoplastic materials.


In February 2016, the joint-stock company ZENCHA-Pskov Electrotechnical Plant was established, which is part of the Russian industrial holding ZENCHA.


ZENCHA-Pskov Plant is a steadily developing enterprise in the Pskov Region, which employs more than 300 experienced employees. The company produces a line of household electrical appliances for the home and summer house (electric radiators, electric convectors, infrared heaters, electric stoves, electric water heaters and tanks, wash basins, country showers, composters and garden barriers), as well as electrical products (low-voltage equipment, complete transformer substations, low-voltage complete devices).