"COMFORT" 1.5 kW

Today Electric convectors are a safe and reliable source of heat for cottages, country houses, hotels, kindergartens, schools, warehouses and office premises. The "COMFORT" electric convector will solve the problem of heating any room with minimal energy consumption and maximum comfort.

The principle of operation is that the cold air passing through the heating element of the electroconvector increases in volume and rises up through the outlet grilles. Additionally, the air is heated due to heat radiation from the surface of the convector. Electric convectors of the COMFORT series - an excellent choice for your house and summer residence!


Your ideal choice in solving the issue of heating!

Additional characteristics:

The model of heaters “COMFORT” represents a budget line of high-quality electric heaters, which can be used for heating and heating, both in a private house and in a small summer residence, office space.
The heating element of the electric convector, reaches the set temperature in a couple of minutes, starting to heat the room immediately after switching on. At a maximum power of 1500 W, the convector is able to quickly warm up a room with an area of ​​up to 15 m².
The electric heater can work in an automatic mode of maintenance of temperature. Thanks to this, it can be used as an alternative to central heating. The set temperature is maintained with the help of a mechanical thermostat with high accuracy, which allows you to maintain a comfortable microclimate with minimal energy consumption.
The convector is absolutely safe to use. The built-in overheat sensor in an emergency turns off the heater, thereby increasing the life of the device.
Heaters of the COMFORT model differ in silent operation. An electric convector does without a fan, or any other mechanically-moving structural elements. Silent operation is periodically interrupted by a barely audible click of the temperature sensor, which contributes to more economical operation of the device.
For convenient installation and comfortable movement of the device from room to room, a long network cable and wheels are included in its design. Which are also able to ensure the stability of the convector on any horizontal surface. And the compact dimensions of the model contribute to its comfortable placement even in a small room.
The COMFORT electric convector can not only be placed on the floor, but also hung on the wall. Two types of fasteners are included. Wall mount can save valuable space and not interfere with freedom of movement.
It is worth noting that the company's designers installed a finned Russian-made heating element in this convector. This design of heating elements is today considered the most comfortable and safe for heated air. A large heat exchange area of ​​the heating element does not oxidize and does not burn dust and air, while maintaining optimal temperature characteristics.
The ergonomic design of the COMFORT series heaters, their expressive individual style, created in the spirit of minimalism, will perfectly fit into any interior. Laconicism and ease of execution will not only increase comfort in the room, but also give it a touch of sophistication.
The compact size of the heater can significantly increase the variability of placement. This can be a small room, stalls, utility rooms, mini-offices, as well as the possibility of placement under low windows).
The model is executed in 2 colors: elegant white colors, stylish austerity of ash-black body color. Due to the presence of colors, it is possible to choose the best solution for the design of any room.
The device has a simple and intuitive mechanical control, implemented using a single rotary switch, and an LED indicator of work. It works from a single-phase network with a voltage of 220 V.


Silent operation
Modern design
Does not absorb oxygen
Compact size

Technical details

Heating area (main), sq.m.
Heating area (additional), sq.m.
Type of heating element
tubular finned
Rated voltage
Power consumption kW
Current frequency, Hz
Mode of operation
Electrical shock protection class
Degree of protection against moisture and particulate matter
IP 20
Net weight, not more than, kg
Overall dimensions of the product, LxWxH, mm
Gross weight, kg
Overall dimensions in packing, LxWxH, mm
Guarantee period
12 months
vendor code
Rollover sensor
there is

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