The plant of JSC "ZENCHA-Pskov" has successfully passed the voluntary certification " Made in Russia»


GREAT NEWS! The plant of JSC "ZENCHA-Pskov" successfully passed the voluntary certification of products and received the right to use the quality mark "Made in Russia".

The country's export brand "Made in Russia" was created to increase the awareness of well-known Russian brands and products abroad. Voluntary certification is intended to confirm the integrity of the domestic manufacturer as a reliable supplier of safe and high-quality products.

To obtain the "Made in Russia" certificate, our factory was independently evaluated by experts of the REC (Russian export brand) business reputation and foreign economic potential, as well as a documentary verification of products. Thanks to the strict rules of the "Made in Russia" SDS, only safe and reliable products that meet high international standards have a chance to pass expert verification with a positive result.

The process of voluntary certification of JSC "ZENCHA-Pskov" was launched in September 2019 and successfully completed in March 2020. After completion of the inspection, JSC "Electrotechnical Plant "ZENCHA-Pskov" was included in the official list of manufacturers recommended for export deliveries of products confirmed by quality and reliability and received the right to place the brand name "Made in Russia" on the products.

"Obtaining the "Made in Russia" certificate is an extremely important step in the development of the export policy of JSC ZENCHA-Pskov. The company has a large export potential, we have a lot to develop, this is another opportunity to further increase the share of exports" - Executive Director, A. K. Fedorov

The "Made in Russia" symbol will confirm the high quality of the products intended for export. The use of this sign will enable the company to present its products on international markets, increase brand awareness, and determine the plant of JSC "ZENCHA-Pskov" as a bona fide domestic manufacturer and reliable supplier.

The electronic catalogue "Made in Russia":